Image of Kappa T-shirt 🥒

Kappa T-shirt 🥒


-Kappa T-shirt-
biological ink laser print
White t-shirt Men's cut
available in 5 size : XS, S, M & L, XL

"Kappa is a Japanese mythological creature living near the rivers. According to legend, the Kappa is fond of causing mischief and even harm towards humans. A Kappa’s pranks can manifest in the form of harmless jokes like making noises similar to flatulence or looking up a woman’s kimono. However, some Kappa are more violent and have been known to try to drown livestock, kidnap and eat children, and force themselves upon women.
All Kappa have a small bowl-like dent on top of their heads that holds a small pool of water called the ‘sara.’ This water is though to be the source of the Kappa’s magical powers. Without this water, a Kappa could possibly die. However, it is thought that if you refill the sara atop a Kappa’s head, they will be eternally grateful and will help you with whatever you require for the rest of your lifetime. "

Image of Kappa T-shirt 🥒 Image of Kappa T-shirt 🥒 Image of Kappa T-shirt 🥒 Image of Kappa T-shirt 🥒